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Penthouse Room

When you enter the Penthouse Room, you marvel at an oversized skylight crowning the beautifully hand crafted dance floor, showcasing the world's finest combination of imported woods. To ensure a perfect celebration, the rooms at our wedding hall in Mineola, NY have been decorated luxuriously with no expense being spared creating the proper setting for an unforgettable affair. As depicted in the Penthouse Room video, the walls are hand painted artistry, adorned by crushed marble created by the finest artisans in a Venetian style. Austrian Crystal hangs from the ceiling as jewels of the gods bestowed to overlook a celebration fit for royalty. As a backdrop of love, thousands of imported glass mosaic pieces join as one and flicker behind our custom designed dais platform, bejeweled with lighting and mahogany to pay homage to our hosts' unrivaled good taste. The sunlight itself acts like an invited guest and seems to smile over all who enter. As the sun fades from the sky leaving us to bathe in moonlight, our starry-eyed romance begins a new chapter with the stars as playmates. One cannot help but relish in the pure opulence of this setting now accented with colorful hues to help beckon guests to the height of celebration. Soft blues bellow romance, delicate colors call for the tenderness of love, deep reds call out a passion and desire combined to summon all to the handcrafted dance floor. The night sky slowly passes so close you can gather stars from the sky to remember this moment forever. A lifetime of memories unfolds at Jericho Terrace's Penthouse Room.