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Whose Opinion Do You Listen To Regarding The Most Special Day of Your Life!!

Everyone's Got An Opinion, So Who Are You Supposed To Listen To?

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All About Non-Floral Centerpieces

Flowers are without a doubt a big staple on your wedding day. This is due to do the fact that floral pieces make up most aesthetics throughout your reception room ranging from centerpieces, bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages, and even ceremony arrangements.

Although flowers are essential to your theme and aroma, they are not mandatory. With that being said, you do not need to determine whether or not you decide to incorporate floral pieces based on society's conception on having flowers as centerpieces at your wedding. Your wedding, your style, and your decisions are what counts here, not stereotypes or preferences.

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All About Makeup And Hair Timing Management

When taking a look at a wedding-arranging agenda, you may feel overpowered before you even begin. This is why you must center yourself to be ahead of the schedule. In most scenarios... the earlier the better. This is simply because earlier, is equivalent to less stress down the line. The moment you secure your vendors, plan a budget, and face the fact that time does really fly by when planning, the better you will feel.

Why wait to get things done when you can accomplish them sooner than later.  Do not procrastinate wedding planning in order to "avoid the stress" because feeling relaxed down the line would be out of the question at that point.

Focus early on building a secure checklist with strict deadlines. No
time frame is ever early enough. This will make planning a whole lot
easier! Because being prepared in advance is better than being behind in
the future months to come.

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Tips For Inviting Guests

Complete B-List At The Very Beginning Of Invite Planning

Start thinking about your guest list... 

A LIST are your guests who are your immediate family members, close friends, our ride or die must haves

B LIST are your guests who you would like to invite but aren’t as essential to you as your A list guests are 

C LIST are the guests who are on the back burner until you get the no’s from your a and b list. These guests can be colleague who you might need to make sure you meet your minimum. 

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Save The Date!

A Save the Date advises your guests to do precisely that... hold the date in their personal schedules! While it does provide important details about the wedding, such as when and where your wedding will be held, the overall goal of this card is to give guests the opportunity to plan around your very special day. This way guests will be able to inform their workplace, schedule a babysitter, or may even have to change their vacation dates around once they hear this news regarding your sealed wedding date. 

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All About Wedding Gifts

There are several types of gifts that are given at a wedding, including the gifts the bride and groom give to their bridal party. From choosing options that will fit within your budget and theme, to suggesting unique or personalized ideas, you must ultimately make your decision based on what is most fitting for your own memorable day. The following suggestions are ideas that may spark your own ideas, while allowing you to become more aware of your endless options. 

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All About Your Honeymoon

While planning your perfect wedding, many of you are also planning your perfect honeymoon at the same time. Although some couples may put off the honeymoon until a more convenient time, most couples depart for their destination honeymoon directly after the wedding. This is why deciding on your honeymoon spot should be well thought out, fun and relaxing, and a romantic time for you and your partner to cherish forever. This is also why choosing a honeymoon should wisely is very important. Overall, your goal when choosing a honeymoon destination should be based on being together in a relaxing environment with no hassles and outrageous expenses behind it. 

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The Week Of The Wedding

Your wedding planning timeline is a combination which includes the process of basic wedding necessities, and your personalized touches to these basic wedding necessities. For example, selecting your vendors such as the Dj or florist will happen from the 6 to 9 month mark. But you may want to customize your guests experience based upon your likes, and may want to add a cigar vendor which you can do during that time if you decided. Below is a basic guide and synopsis into what is expected during the actual week of your wedding....

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Tips For Bridal Party Attire

Bridesmaid Dresses:

  • All bridesmaids should be professionally measured for their attire to ensure exact and accurate measurements. This ensures that styles will fit better if the dress needs to be shipped in, as well as to ensure you wont need to do so many unnecessary altercations just because you measured yourself at home instead of double checking those measurements with the dress shop. 
  • Leave enough time for altercations, the recommended/ average time is  3-5 weeks before  the wedding.
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Flowers In Bloom

From the bouquets and boutonnieres, to the column centerpieces down the aisle, choosing the flowers for your perfect wedding can get quite overwhelming. Showcasing flowers that represent you, while staying cost friendly, and while wanting flawless quality at the same time is especially the hardest challenge. At Jericho Terrace, our expert floral vendors will help you design the look and feel of your special wedding you have always dreamed of! These florists will help you select flowers to enhance your floral embellishments, style, and overall theme.

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All About Gift Registry

While your guests presence at your wedding is what is most important, their presents are a precious touch which is important for any couple as well. You can help your guests with their gift-giving decisions by registering at everywhere from specialty stores to nationwide department stores for the things you need and the things you simply just want!

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All About Wedding Favors

As your wedding date draws near, you've probably given some thought to what favors you would like to hand out on your special day. You are probably questioning what the right favor is. But in reality, there is no right favor... there are only thoughtful favors. Thoughtful favors are memorable favors that represent what YOU feel will make an impact on all of your guests. Finding the "perfect favor" is not about trying to avoid tackiness, or trying to find a gift that looks more expensive and formal. It is all about your interests and likes, and how well you can incorporate that into your wedding.

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Preparing The Order Of Your Wedding Ceremony

Various sorts of weddings utilize distinctive processional orders, whether it follows "traditional standards" or a nondenominational wedding. The following questions are things to consider when planning how exactly you would like your ceremony to flow. Because separating who should walk and when they should walk will help guarantee your hitching process to be flawless and well executed with no sudden changes or confusion.

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All About Bridesmaid Dresses

Shopping for bridesmaids' dresses should be a fun bonding experience, but finding the perfect gown for several women is bound to cause stress... Bridesmaids traditionally wear matching dresses in the same style and color. Along with these determining factors, price and budget also play a big roll. The following tips and tricks will help guide you when choosing your gals dresses for YOUR very special day.

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All About A Black-Tie Wedding

When receiving an invite to a black tie wedding, you may become concerned about fitting the dress code. You also may expect a fancier atmosphere which leads to concerns when trying to find the "right" attire. Although these doubts are valid concerns, you might want to try and turn this mentality around simply due to the fact that a "black-tie wedding" guest attire is more versatile than you might think. On top of that, dressing a tad glamorous for a night out is not all that bad.

When a couple is hosting a "black-tie wedding" they most likely are hosting a more formal, traditional ceremony and reception. This means that you should try to attend this wedding with your finest formal wear on! So, what does this mean for the couple and their guests? Let's break down the basics...

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Great Ideas For Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties

Planning your bachelor/bachelorette parties can be as stressful as planning the wedding itself. This is because you will find that these
parties have more influence from more people. But at the end of the day, the beautiful couple should have final say about what goes down at both of their parties. Even if the party planner thinks that it is a great idea, it is always better to make sure that the couple is happy with it. After all, the party is about you, not them!  Planning a Joint Bachelor/Bachelorette Party is also a possibility. This allows for couples to celebrate together and allows them to celebrate with all of their mutual friends.

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Simple But Impactful Wedding Décor Ideas

Today's trend when it comes to your reception room is to mix and match centerpieces! While varying heights, shapes and sizes, stick to similar colors to tie the entire room together.

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Stationery Items to Consider...

Extra Keepsakes To Remember Your Day By

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