All About A Black-Tie Wedding

Breaking Down The Basics For Fine & Formal

Invited To A Black-Tie Wedding? Don't Panic!

When receiving an invite to a black tie wedding, you may become concerned about fitting the dress code. You also may expect a fancier atmosphere which leads to concerns when trying to find the "right" attire. Although these doubts are valid concerns, you might want to try and turn this mentality around simply due to the fact that a "black-tie wedding" guest attire is more versatile than you might think. On top of that, dressing a tad glamorous for a night out is not all that bad.

When a couple is hosting a "black-tie wedding" they most likely are hosting a more formal, traditional ceremony and reception. This means that you should try to attend this wedding with your finest formal wear on! So, what does this mean for the couple and their guests? Let's break down the basics...

Let's Discuss Dress Code

Traditionally speaking, a black-tie dress code denotes a formal, evening occasion, where men are meant to wear tuxedos and women floor-length gowns. But of course, times are changing constantly which means that most individuals are not required to meet past dress wear expectations. Although one thing you must remember for the men. If not in tuxedos, should wear dinner jackets and really nice shoes. For the mens ties, black ties are actually preferred. But this does not mean that you are limited to only wearing black ties. Darker colors are considered more formal, making other colored ties completely appropriate for a "black-tie" event.

Formal Comes In Many Forms

As for the women, if not in floor-length gowns, they should wear a cocktail dress that is not too revealing in a rich fabric and rich tone. For those that choose to wear a full-length evening gown, stick with darker colors like navy, gray and deeper jewel tones such as emerald or burgundy. Shoe options include heeled sandals and closed-toe pumps/flats. Other options for the ladies include adding extra accessories, jumpsuits (avoid busy patterns or bright colors).

If you are the host and decide a black-tie dress code seems a bit too strict, you can host a "black-tie attire preferred" affair. This ever-so-slightly loosens things up which gives guests more room to play with their outfits. Men the option of comfortable wearing, such as a dark formal suit instead of a tux, and for women, the option to don a cocktail dress rather than a full-length gown. A tea-length dress that hits the mid-calf or below also works! Overall, the most important thing is to note your hosts' intentions!!

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