All About Bridesmaid Dresses

A Helpful Guide For Your Special Shopping Day

Special Tips For Your Special Gals

Shopping for bridesmaids' dresses should be a fun bonding experience, but finding the perfect gown for several women is bound to cause stress... Bridesmaids traditionally wear matching dresses in the same style and color. Along with these determining factors, price and budget also play a big roll. The following tips and tricks will help guide you when choosing your gals dresses for YOUR very special day.

Dress Shopping

The best time to order the dresses for your bridesmaids is between three to four months before the big day, although searching for these dresses takes way longer than the three to four months. Searching for these dresses is a process that can be troublesome, due to the girls who are out of state, who have picky styles, and who simply just have very opinionated mindsets.

Another concern when choosing dresses for your favorite ladies is that these girls can have different bodies, as well as different hair and skin tones which makes it hard to flatter everyone all at the same time. The reason for searching for these dresses so early is because these dresses can reflect on the wedding venue, season, theme, and even because the dresses you find must compliment you and your visions which is not easy to unwind.

Ordering, Production & Tailoring

The finding of bridesmaids' dresses should be done around the time you have found your own wedding dress... meaning the search should start nine to twelve months before the wedding date. Looking for these dresses way in advance may sound ridiculous but factor in the facts...your dress options will become slimmer at designer boutiques the longer time goes on. You may also pay a higher price, due to the fact that most designers have a motto that the faster a dress is produced, the higher the rush fee to have them available and ready.

In order to help this process operate smoother, why not consider booking an appointment in advance. This can also help you out because if you give specifics about your desired dress styles and colors when booking, the store can better prepare for your appointment. But you may think to yourself, "uh-oh, I just booked my venue and only have four months till the wedding what do I do?"

Sample Sales & Alternative Options

If it does so happen that you have a short amount of time from your wedding date with no bridesmaids' dresses, do not panic... You still have a few options. You can...

  • Shop in-store at sample sales and off the rack
  • Or a very different alternative, you can allow your bridesmaids to pick their own ready-to-wear dresses.

This means having them wear their own black dress or pink toned dress that they own/want to buy. This can still keep your vision intact with color schemes. But this option gives your girls more freedom, comfort, and personality into their own style selected dresses. Overall, dresses should be ordered no later than six months before the wedding, which will ensure the dresses arrival, with enough wiggle room for production/shipping delays.

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