All About Gift Registry

Helping Your Guests With Their Gift-Giving Decisions

Benefits Of Registering For Wedding GIfts

While your guests presence at your wedding is what is most important, their presents are a precious touch which is important for any couple as well. You can help your guests with their gift-giving decisions by registering at everywhere from specialty stores to nationwide department stores for the things you need and the things you simply just want!

Checklists, Tips & Ideas

When considering creating your gift registry, remember the following...

  • Register for items in a wide range of prices to better accommodate all of your guests budgets.
  • Check all of the stores shipping and return policies and make sure that the credit (if returnable) can apply to your registry.
  • Choose a mix of national and local retailers to better accommodate your guests location.
  • Write down the items you really need before you hit the store. Think about how long you will use the items and if they fit with any changes that may come when transitioning, moving, and upgrading your lifestyle.
  • Keep your personal style in mind when you determine where to register and what items to include in your registry. You can opt for the traditional china and flatware or select items that reflect your personal style or even hobby! Break down your gift registry form by: Category, Model/Pattern, Pricing, Description
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