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Thoughtful Wedding Favors From The Happy Couple

Memorable & Thoughtful Favors

As your wedding date draws near, you've probably given some thought to what favors you would like to hand out on your special day. You are probably questioning what the right favor is. But in reality, there is no right favor... there are only thoughtful favors. Thoughtful favors are memorable favors that represent what YOU feel will make an impact on all of your guests. Finding the "perfect favor" is not about trying to avoid tackiness, or trying to find a gift that looks more expensive and formal. It is all about your interests and likes, and how well you can incorporate that into your wedding.

Seasonal Wedding Favors

SUMMER: If a couple is having a wedding in the summer, or in an outside environment, sunglasses as favors are a good idea. Not only are they practical, the glasses can also help shade the eyes from the sun whilst watching the ceremony. Flip flops are also a good choice for seasonal summer weddings.

SPRING: For spring weddings, brides and grooms may be interested in giving their guests something that will grow, such as a tree seedling or a packet of seeds. As the plants grow, so will their love for each other.

WINTER: For a winter wedding, a couple might be interested in providing candles, home-made hot chocolate mix, or even gloves. You may want to even send your guests home with a pine cone favor, which can be displayed as an ornament on a Christmas tree. This will help represent your love and memory on other special days, such as the holidays.

FALL: Autumn seasonal favors may include leaf-themed items or drink mixes such as a chai tea.

Elegant Wedding Favors

For those who have a refined taste and budget, there are also many wedding favors that take on an air of elegance that is unmatched by any other favors out there. These favors may consist of expensive bottles of wine, crystal decanter sets, leather iPad cases, tie cases and bejeweled zip drives. Though these wedding favors add an air of sophistication to any wedding, these favors are an investment for couples, so they may not be appropriate for all couples.

Creative Wedding Favors

For the ultimate ending to the perfect day, send them off with something to remember your festivities by. Chocolate bars with the faces of the bride and groom are very sweet, literally, and figuratively. You can DIY this project by choosing a few favorite photos, then print them using an ink-jet printer or photocopy onto lightweight paper. With a paper cutter, trim so photos are slightly shorter than candy bars. Remove outer wrappers but not inner foil. Wrap each candy bar with a photo, and secure in back with double-sided tape. Adorn with waxed twine tied in a small bow.

Homemade bar soaps are also an adorable and customizable favor. You're able to play around with shapes, sizes, scents, and even textures. Goat milk bar soap is also a cute way to handout something unique and different. Beeswax candles and personalized matches are a simple and thoughtful gift for your guests. Choose candles, decorative paper, and ribbon in colors that match the palette of your table setting and buy enough matchboxes for each guest to get his or her own.

Tie in your favorite drinks and alcoholic beverages by sending your guests off with ingredients for the perfect moscow mule, margaritas, energy drinks, etc. You may also want to go a different drink route and offer mini bottles of homemade limoncello, a popular dessert drink. This makes the perfect post-wedding treat. 

Why not add some herb and spice into your guests lives by providing them with some unique flavors! Rosemary, an herb that represents love and remembrance, can be a great food item that is preserved. Himalayan salt is also cute to hand out to guests in airtight containers and label with your new, shared initial and wedding date. Himalayan salt is very pretty and pink which looks lovely in little jars.

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