Simple But Impactful Wedding Décor Ideas

Incorporate Your Wedding’s Theme With Little Touches

High-Low Centerpieces

Today's trend when it comes to your reception room is to mix and match centerpieces! While varying heights, shapes and sizes, stick to similar colors to tie the entire room together.

Mood Lighting

Candles create a romantic atmosphere and are much cheaper than floral centerpieces. Simple lanterns with rose petals placed around the lantern looks PERFECT!

On-Theme Table Décor

Instead of filling vases Wirth flowers, fill them with colorful fruits, seashells, beads, pinecones or glass marbles to coordinate with your color scheme and/ or theme. Faux rose petals, diamond confetti and shells/starfish are also popular confetti choices for tables.

Tie A Ribbon Around It!

For more of a personalized touch of color scheme in the room, decorate the chivari chairs with ribbon, floral swags, or maybe even some tulle!

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