The Week Of The Wedding

Essential Planning For Your Wedding Day

Your wedding planning timeline is a combination which includes the process of basic wedding necessities, and your personalized touches to these basic wedding necessities. For example, selecting your vendors such as the Dj or florist will happen from the 6 to 9 month mark. But you may want to customize your guests experience based upon your likes, and may want to add a cigar vendor which you can do during that time if you decided. Below is a basic guide and synopsis into what is expected during the actual week of your wedding....

By now, you should have confirmed everything from the cocktail hour station choices for your menu, all the way to the flower selections during your reception. During the last week, you want to make sure that everyone is still good to go for the wedding...

Final Vendor Check

To ensure that all of your vendors are set and ready to go for your very special day

Delegate Tasks

Whether you have a team that you're working with or you want to ensure the bridesmaids and ushers carry out their duties, this is the week to delegate tasks. Make sure that everyone knows what is expected of them so that the day can flow smoothly. You can also coordinate what is expected on the day of for your bridal party with your maître d' when you go over the structure and timeline for your special day.

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